another one bites the dust

another resident is leaving our class.  there’s rumors that they may find a replacement.  i don’t know.
i was pulled to cover the call a few days ago.  so that’s how i knew.  yikes!  that makes two residents who’ve left our program – our class.
it must be for the best.  that’s what i believe. while on call last night i had a dream that the PD called me into his office to tell me i was on tap to be kicked out of the program for “calling in sick” when i really wasn’t. lol. my guilty conscience strikes again.  i have called in sick b/c i was mentally too tired to go in.

call last night.  helping train the newbies.  a few of the 2nd yrs have spoken to me, either apologizing or stating “i know what you went through last year” as they have the distinct honor of training newbies.  they’re comments make me laugh.  as they grow this year (group psychotherapy starts in Jan), continue to train newbies and start to feel the burn – i’m sure there will be many many more comments and conversations of that nature.

slept today.  slept well.  woke up refreshed.  it’s so wonderful to wake up refreshed instead of drained.

i’m waiting to hear that i can move.  the RN whose condo i’m renting has told what appears to be the whole of the ER that i’m going to occupy her apt.  it’s disconcerting to be in the ER and folks are coming up to me, congratulating me on my new apt.  at first i’m caught off guard then i remember that she works there.  good grief.  people do talk!

i bought drakkar oil today at walgreen.  i’ve eschewed candles for burning oil.  the scent is stronger and lasts longer.  it’s def more intense but oh so calming w/ the tea candle inside.  i like having the steady flame.  no wax issues either.  in the new, small apt, i’m sure i’ll just need oneoil lamp burner thingy.


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