crazy urethra day

today was one of those

morning wasn’t bad – doing my child rotation now.  children are alright i suppose.  got up way to early though – 6am?  naw man.

afternoon was hectic as all get out, but not flustered.  one attending helped me by seeing a patient and another one asked me "is this the last one?" lol – yeah, it was one of THOSE days…

i hope my plant isn’t dying in my office.  watered it today.  maybe it’s growing new leaves?

had to pee – bad.  had to keep pausing the urinary flow.  why?  b/c my urethra decided to get all crooked on me.  there are just some days when you can’t even pee straight.  i tried to use teepee to divert the flow, it didn’t work.  pee down your leg is not stylish.  not stylish at all!


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