I slept quite a bit this weekend.  And it was good for me, though I should have slept more last night. 

I had crazy continuous dreams – and my dreams are just like movies.  Last night I dreamt that I was an army sergeant w/ my men.  One of them was threatening my authority and I had to break it to him that he wasn’t my superior.  I think he secretly liked me.

The next one involved a rather elaborate plot.  A group of us (all strangers) were chosen to be participants in an experiment where we are sent to live like folks in another century.  I was there in a large building, waiting for the others and as they were arriving (luggage in tow) I went to another neighborhood nearby to check out the property/accommodations for our experiment and all of a sudden my outfit had changed.  I was all dolled up – very 1800s style w/ a petticoat and mini bustle and a cane.  I was dressed elegantly in golden hued colors.  As I was walking into the area which at first looked like a large stadium entrance,I saw a young girl flit by who was going to be one of the maids in this huge town and I saw her paper luggage tag float in the wind toward me "Octoborificia" was her name.  She was dressed shabbily like a rag girl but she looked happy to be going in.

I remember the large beautiful buildings that were part of the town – blue w/ white trimming.  I wish I could draw so that I could adequately portray my vision.  The dreams are still with me in the AM and throughout the day.  That’s one of the reasons I DON’T like to dream.  Unlike other people, mine stay.

The dreams I had Friday to Saturday were odd as well.  In the first one I was getting married but I didn’t know to whom, or how or ANYTHING.  I was FRANTIC!!!!  In one scene I’m lost, and searching for some help, and walking up an old street we used to live on and I see these 10-12 Hispanic women dressed in horribly ugly yellow gold dresses.  They were the bridesmaids of someone and off to a wedding and at first I was horrified that perhaps it was my wedding but I realized – nope.

Then in another scene I’m walking into a beautiful hotel/inn that is gorgeous!  All warm lights, rich fabrics, cozy atmosphere and the ENTIRE place is filled to the brim w/ MY GUESTS!  They’re eating breakfast, chatting, totally aware of the upcoming nuptials and they see me, walking around –FREAKING OUT–but they’re laughing b/c they’re just thinking that I have "wedding jitters".  Everyone is comfortable, happy, joyous and awaiting the occasion – everyone EXCEPT ME.  So at some point before I utterly lose all my marbles I call my good friend – who shows up w/in seconds w/ everything.  And she very calmly takes me by the hand up the stairs to my suite where she hangs up my sky-blue and pearl dress (and I’m thinking blue and PEARLS??!!! what the?) and I say as much.  She just smiles and says "it looks good on you" and proceeds to help me change.  My bro shows up and is much younger and is very unhappy.  He won’t leave me alone b/c he he doesn’t want me to get married.  And I finally find out whom I’m marrying right – it’s this guy I knew from high school that i recently met up w/ again via the ubiquitous social network. 

i wake up at some point – utterly discombobulated.  I fall back asleep only to continue the dream’s theme in another format.  this time I’m looking online at that aforementioned ubiquitous social network and I see myself sitting on his lap.  the same dude.  and i’m wearing a red dress and he’s got on a blue-black suit w/ red tie and he looks goofily happy.  and it’s one of those olan mills pictures w/ the dark softened background and hazy happy look.  riiiight and i look at the webpage and see on his page, that picture….what? i keep blinking, willing it to change, and then it kind of does to another picture.  but i still know that he and i are together.

i wake up and think – THIS is why I don’t sleep very long.  I have these super intense extremely vivid BLOCKBUSTER films going on inside my head!  now if only i could parlay these dreams into cash…

either write books or direct movies.  they are so visual that i would just love to be able to DIRECT them!


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