i am on call tonight. 4:30-10.  dang.  i thought it was tomorrow.  nothing like surprise call to make your mouth corners turn down.

i would like to get internet.  my computer is super slow though.  it needs to be cleaned so it can work better.  that takes time.  i should go to the geek squad.

i slept so much but am still sleepy now.  i got some postcards.  i am sending posties today.  i can’t believe i have call.  call is annoying.

i haven’t spoken much to anyone today.  it’s good and bad.  good b/c i don’t have to worry about putting out extra energy.  bad b/c it would be nice to have something to take my mind of this evening.  i hope that w/ the VA checks coming in, there won’t be ANY calls from the ER.  only a few calls from the unit that involve ordering prns and such.

the director of our outpt clinic says that i’m prickly – easily irritated, don’t get involved w/ conversations and have lost my optimistic glow.  yup – you would too if you dealt w/ what i have the past couple of years.  and if you were tired of gossiping and maligning (both participating and listening) you would stop being a part of it all


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