wait, what?

this past weekend i went to visit family.  while the occasion was sad, the reunion wasn’t.
i also met a few guys.  one – handsome, deacon in his church, real estate agent — was married.  aawww.  a second cutie was quiet but helpful w/ clean-up.
one of them – drunk as all get out wanted me to "holla" at him.  how i was supposed to do that when he was too drunk to know he HADN’T given me his number was pretty funny.  a fourth (not attracted to him but willing to befriend someone) actually got my number and called me a couple of days later when i had returned home. 
i’m naive, but i’m not stupid so prior to leaving the gathering i talked to an auntie and an uncle, pointing him out to them w/ the intent of garnering more info.  i talked to my auntie a day after he called and guess what?  he’s a deacon in his church, he works at a factory and he’s married.  what? yup.  married.  wow.  really?  dang that’s ballsy.  they know he’s married.  he knows he’s married.  he knows they’re connected to me.  why wouldn’t they tell me?  dude, for real?  you must be dumb.  granted his dumbness allowed me to know that he was married right – but still.  adultery dude?  with me???!!!! wrong again!!!! i know you done lost your ever-loving mind.
my uncle overheard a group of them talking about my profession and how much money i was raking in and how "it would be good to be w/ me".  is this how the rich and famous live?  is this why they don’t hang out w/ anybody BUT each other?  b/c they can’t trust anyone but those who also have dolo?  what a sad way to live.
wsup w/ the Black Friday prices?  do retailers realize there is a recession occuring?  how could you not when Kmart brings back lay-away?  dropping your price from $249 to $199 is not a real sale.  dude, w/ tax it’s still over $200.  a 10% discount at Linens and Things (who btw is going out of business) or a 7% discount at Circuit City (which is also going out of business) is not a SALE!!!  dude, folks went loco over free turkeys!  what in the world do you think your measly discount is going to do?  you want money?  you drastically reduce prices on EVERYTHING – dude, down to 40-50%.  people WILL buy.  they’re hungry to buy.  they just can’t afford the food you’re selling.  whytake the risk of getting a few people who can buy your merchandise at a 10-20% discount when you can get hundreds at a 40-50% discount?  just for one day – Black Friday.  at this point can you – as a retailer – afford NOT to?

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