Clinic today.  Very sleepy right now.  Have a case presentation due Wednesday that I don’t want to do – don’t even want to THINK about it.  I’m trying not to be grumpy due to lack of sleep.  I did it to myself.  I am so much more of a night-owl so I stay up reading random books and then I don’t get more than 6hrs of sleep.  I know it’s not copacetic but I would sometimes much rather read than sleep.  Only the sleep deficiency is catching up to me.

I found my mother’s ring – Hallelujah!  I felt exposed w/o it.  Haven’t had it on for the past week or so – since Thanksgiving.  Glad I found it.  Means a great deal to me.

So would having a boyfriend.  Yup, back to that one again.  Trying not to put too much stock into that.  In fact I was telling a GF last night that it would be loverly to have some guy friends!  That way you could hang out w/ them – enjoy their company w/o the sometimes awkwardness of romance.  Which is always awkward.  I know if I wrote more often I would feel better – just haven’t gotten around to buying internet for the house. My computer is old, slow and in need of a major clean-up which costs more than I want to spend; so until I get enough to clean it I can’t see myself getting net. 

My partner in clinic is supposed to tell me when he has scheduled his patients so we don’t collide.  He doesn’t.  I don’t know why.  I’ve been telling him he needs to give me the appt slips so I know.  Today I texted him AGAIN.  At lunch he says he received my "not so friendly text".  Good!  For goodness sake, be more responsible!  Some people are saying he should be the chief.  Nope – he’s much too distracted and would drop things left and right.  So, after today, I’m hoping he gets the picture.  While the concept of partners is interesting, it doesn’t work as well as it could when the partner isn’t holding up his/her end of the deal. When I was in child I tried to schedule all my patients during Thursday afternoon when I had clinic, that way lessening his workload.  He has no such consideration for me.

Last Saturday one of my colleagues had a pork roast to celebrate his passing Step III.  Lots of fun.  Random attendings showed up – one I don’t particularly care for, one I’m ambivalent toward and the other two I like.  I danced and danced.  Only issue was that I was on call this weekend so had to get up early both Sat and Sun to see the new patients on the inpt units.  Lite weekend -thank God!

A patient just showed up – one hr early.  The only pt I have scheduled this afternoon. Lovely.


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