puffed out sigh

again with the nervousness.  at least my mind in general seems to be coming back to normal.  for the longest time my brain was on holiday, making it impossible to perform the simplest tasks (cleaning the kitchen table of paper) or even CARE.  i’m coming off my non-substance induced mental high.  just in time for the beginning of july and board studying.  i hate boards.  step 3.  last one of them all.

the nervousness is b/c i’m going to see him tomorrow.  and b/c i don’t know how to talk to congresspeople.  i feel as if i will be serious for something that is serious and he will be looking for fun.  i don’t want to become fun just for him.  i want to be fun.  when i went to the national convention i felt fun.  i felt free.  now i just feel nervous.

Yahweh has my back.  I know this full well.  Now if only my heart would stop skipping beats.  it’s quite annoying.


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