little girl inna big city

about my first foray into the Big Apple.  i’ve always been through that Granny Smith city but never in it.  after work tomorrow i fly into that massive city of cities.  i’ll be landing in laguardia.  then off to harlem.

my plan was for Esquire and myself to see that Great French Immigré herself but apparently the ferry to visit her is booked SOLID until October of this year?  what??? how can a ferry be booked?  and how come there aren’t more ferries?

so instead of seeing her, we’ll be thrilling to the sites and sounds of “The Lion King” (hopefully).  

i had 3 goals in mind

 eat real NY pizza, see the Great French Immigré and frolic in Central Park.   i think i’ll be able to do 2/3 but that ain’t bad!  not at all!  i had already planned to visit w/ Esquire anyway, so that doesn’t count ;^D




so my routine shall be greatly changed for the next three days!  woohoo!  i’m looking forward to it.  

yeah, i’m kinda nervous too.  i mean all those people!!!!  people, people and more people!  subways, concrete jungles, people, fashion, yellow taxis and more people!  whew.  i feel like a little girl inna big city!  at least i’ll have my lil bro, Esquire, to help me take it all in!


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