he got a chick

yeah, he got a chick.  

it’s hard when you go to crackbook and see comments about “oh, so X, are we going to see X at this particular event”; and “oh, can’t wait to see X again!  how is she??”.

circumstantial evidence is what you were dealing with before, [a comment to a friend about “my girlfriend”.  overheard comment to another about “oh, my girlfriend”.  even had a dream where he was laying in his bed, on his side, as if to cover up a girlfriend that i could see behind him.  and she’s reading a magazine – blissfully unaware.  and he was staring straight at me – just staring.  i see it three times and i say to myself “uhm, dude, i KNOW you have a girlfriend.  why are you trying to hide it?”.  and so i awaken from a dream where he’s trying to hide and i see what he’s doing and i’m thinking is this my subconscious or The Higher Power trying to clue me in?…] but now, you got straight up evidence.  


and even if he feeling you, he ain’t free.  

and it feels weird ‘cuz you weren’t looking for him but he popped up and now you realize that you kinda dig him and he kinda dig you BUT yeah, HE GOT A CHICK!

so it’s back to your old routine of doing your best to pray him out yo heart.  thank God you had those shields up anyway so it won’t be too hard and it won’t take too long but dang —


and you all dismayed.  and kind of pissy.  and kind of sad.  cuz you didn’t mean to kinda like him but you did sort-of.  and you haven’t had much excitement in the way of the XY factor so it was kind of fun.  and it kind of lit up your inner world a little to daydream about doing laundry together and running through the rain. and the more you thought about it, the more it seemed possible to be true.  but now, but NOW….

DAAAAAAAAAAANG – why he got to have a chick???

but maybe, it’s a good thing he got a chick???  cuz he ain’t a believer and you ain’t Jewish – soooo, well, God who works all things out for the good of those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose knows, understands and is working on your behalf.  

so you comfort yourself with Truth.  and you pour out something into your blog.  about almost-could-have been but weren’t for you guys.  




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