post prandial post

i’m sitting in the back right corner row of the auditorium at rosenstiel listening to lecturers giving talks about research.  the majority of the attendees are fellows which explains why i don’t know most of them.  then there are a few residents.  i’ve been sleeping on and off all day.  and now it’s the 2nd hr after lunch.  all i want to do is sleep.

i can’t breath through my nose so i have to keep my mouth open.  it’s not a good look.

i wonder what all these fellows do on their off time.  i wonder where they all came from.  i wonder what i would be doing right now if i was able to travel to ireland or morocco.  i wonder why i can’t meet cool people online?  maybe i should look up an “international group” of meet-up or so to help me deal w/ my wanderlust.

i’ve been studying for the in-service exam – dutifully.  now i’m going to see if there are any meetups in the area that i can attend…who knows


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