the newest thing…

i don’t know his age. last year he had a girlfriend. does he have an SO this year? i don’t know. he was the facilitator again this year w/ his bud. i think he’s cuter this year. his bud is balder this year.

he mentioned how i didn’t call him last year like i said i would to hang out. i didn’t realize he wanted to hang out. he’s so darn busy. and he had a GF. so i had to let it go. probably b/c i wanted to have a relationship w/ him and if he had a GF my objective wouldn’t be achieved. i didn’t think much that he would like to hang out w/ me cuz he seems to dang busy!

then there is another aspect. that he might have an idea of me which is odd. for instance – this is something that i’ve started to see — that other people see MDs in a certain light. that we are somehow larger than life – we are super intelligent, super busy, super amazing people. he even mentioned that i must be some sort of big wig based on my association w/ the union. i kind of laughed b/c my position is kind of big but it’s all in what i make of it.

this year he’s cuter than before. i even stalked him online – googled him, looked him up at the university and found a fbk page dedicated to his goodness.

lots of people think he’s cool. like i do. lots of young ladies mention his cuteness. lol. i hope that this thing of mine passes quickly.

i’m sure this has a lot to do w/ oh, i don’t know, my current desire to have a husband. would it work? i don’t know. i mean he’s a die-hard supporter of the local university. he’s younger than me. he majored in african american studies. but he’s white. i don’t know how that worked out but okay. uh, he’s quite uh, flirtatious. i don’t know if he’s a believer. sigh. he likes to have attention. at last year’s event he was bothering me the whole time – teasing me, looking at me crazy, making jokes. this year he even threw a ball at me during the lunch session. he reminds me of a little boy how likes a little girl and teases her to get her attention – to make sure that she always knows that he’s there.

attention. i think he likes attention. he likes to be the center. he likes to be super active. he likes sports. i’m sure he likes to drink beer. i’m pretty sure he’s stuck to this city like a barnacle. he loves what he does. he probably doesn’t let anyone know anything about his life. he’s closed about his life. he doesn’t like to admit that he has problems.

he’s tall. super tall. like 6 ft 6/7. he’s at least a foot taller than me. he’s big like a football player. i mean he’s wide – like a big teddy bear. huge. brown hair. blue eyes.

just today while i was making dinner, i had the thought of him coming over to eat w/ me – standing in the kitchen – making me laugh. sigh. me and my domestic daydreams.


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