time warp

i don’t recall the time i fell asleep last night.  only that after my bladder woke me around 8am i went right back to bed.  it was noon when i woke again.  i slept well for the first time in a while.  only, i was covered in dream residue.  even now, at midnight:01, my dream is with me.  

i spent the day arranging my clothing, washing more loads of laundry than i thought possible, putting away clothing, arranging my jewelry and toiletries, sweeping the floor, changing the AC filter and writing a research protocol.  if that wasn’t enough i also packed a bag for DC.  and i even found time to skype a turkish guy.  or rather, he skyped me.

at some point this evening i walked outside to take papers from the car that i needed for my DC trip.  solitude struck me when i walked out the door and the sky was black.  i looked over to see a man and a woman talking on the other side of the building.  it seemed incongruous with the solitude of my day.  i never left the house.  i spent the entire day with my chores and my thoughts.

i thought a lot about dreams, about people in my dreams, about DC.  

off to DC to do some lobbying.  i was supposed to look up the congress people’s stances on health care reform.  i never did.  i’m going to do it now.

okay.  done.  now i aim to rest.  i have early church (7) then heading to airport.

living by myself.  staying by myself.  in my own mind.  my only source of communication being the mobile or the social network.  

i read somewhere that because we have so much at our fingertips we have stopped exploring our world with all our senses.


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