this bears watching…

interestingly enough there’s a guy at my work w/ whom i share a slight attraction.  i told you about him before.  we had a strange conversation that was oddly confrontational which led to not talking to one another (it was somehow an argument which i don’t understand b/c it’s not like we were dating) and then in the past year we’ve gotten back to being acquaintances and then now we joke around and such.

i asked him where my Christmas gift was at the end of last year and i was just playing around.

LOL. after i asked him when he was going to take me out to dinner (which i ask random guys sometimes to see if they will take me out). he said, ‘do you know this place’. he took it kind of seriously. i’m like — nope. and he’s like well this weekend and next weekend i don’t know. i respond “uh, yeaaah, it’s football weekend! ain’t no going out during football!!!”

then he whispered to me today that he had my gift. hunh? oh for real? dude, really? uh, i was just playing but okay i’ll take a gift.

tuesday i was at work holding a whole lot of charts and he’s like you need help? and i say “uh, dude. yes” he grabs them and says “people might think we’re lovers” i didn’t respond.

earlier i told him, dude, i’m leaving.  you know i’m going to be done w/ the program soon.  he says well, you got crackbook right? hmmm


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