Book store is my new study joint.  Granted, it’s much further north than I would desire but the ambiance is less mad than B&N, the music isn’t blasting my ear-drums, the restrooms are cleaner, they have FREE WI-FI and there’s much more room in general to spread out and study.

Free Wi-Fi!  Come on!  Can you beat that?  Starbuckles makes you pay.  B&N — atrocious in general.  Borders — I’ve always liked you but never gave you your well-deserved props.

Last night, I spent some time trolling through the Irish chat rooms on yahoochat and was pleasantly surprised to meet one or two decent chaps!  What a refreshing experience to chat w/ fun people who weren’t after sex chat, didn’t want to video-cam me and actually knew English!  Yeah — it’s problem when you can’t speak English but you refuse to leave me be when I say goodbye.  I don’t understand you!  Your grammar is atrocious and your syntax is painful to decipher.  Please go away.

It’s my hope that in the coming months I’ll continue to find decent Irish folk to chat w/ online about their cities.  Unfortunately it appears that most of the people online are slightly off.  Sigh.

I’ve been studying for quite some time and now I’m so tired it’s not funny.  However, I told myself that I would try to stay until around 7ish.  I don’t know if I will be able to do that.  The worst part about this is that the store isn’t close enough to home to allow me to go home and return for an evening session.  Once I get home, I’ll be wiped out.  And I’ll just want to be…

Dear God, I’m continually praying that you touch my mind with retention and good association.  Let my gut instinct be the RIGHT instinct for this exam.  Also Father, keep down any anxiety that peeps around the edges of my studying.  Remove the loneliness inherent in studying and being by myself after all my friends have left the area.  Father, deal with all the issues that continually present themselves before me namely: money, step III, citizenship, getting a good job that lets me travel for my month to Ireland and Ireland itself.  There are so many people in my life struggling and suffering and I’m one of them.  Father, free me from my insecurities and release grace, mercy and strength into my life.  Infuse me with a joy and lightness of being despite the heavy heart that I carry.  Remember your child who depends solely on You

In Jesus name,


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