post fast

so it’s been a few weeks since i went off my Daniel Fast and i had to go to the Dixie for some fruit tonight.

my innards are NOT happy w/ the food they’ve been receiving so i’ve decided that for the next few days i’m going to store up on as much fruit as i can stomach.

sliced ’em, diced ’em and threw em in a large container.

now you can’t see the pineapple or watermelon too well b/c they happened to be at the bottom but you can still imagine their sweet, meaty fruity goodness.

also procured some Bolthouse Farms C-Boost.

now i really don’t need my immune system boosted anymore than necessary.  a boosted immune system is a-guerilla-renegade-on-the-war-path-take-no-prisoners-no-holds-barred situation BUT in this case i really just needed something to untwist my innards and there’s nothing like a large 32 fl oz of 8servings of fruit per bottle (mango, acerola cherries, apples) to work magic on grumpy guts.

the Daniel Fast cleared up skin, made me glow, lost me some poundage and made me serious about eating well.

in the next 2-3 weeks i shall be transitioning to a semi-Daniel diet; but more liberal.  it’s pretty rigid so it can cause some difficulties but for right now, it’s what i need.  God willing it will be a good move.


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