Yo, Deepak X in the hizzy-hizzy hizz houze

Whew, now if that’s not a flame-starting title, I don’t know what is… ;^D

But what I wanna hit on here, is R’s statement on how the hip-hop generation is being adapted to cultures all around this floating island.  Again, we jump on what’s new, what’s happening, what seems cool.  Often without any regard for the basis/fundamental roots/themes of that fad.  I mean, how many times have you seen Deepak X with his boys Ameet Jenkins, L.L Cool Sanjay and Vijay Ruthless?

It amazes me just how many aspects of the black American experience have been capitalized upon with blatant disregard for the creators?  How down is Vijay Ruthless with the black experience?  I mean, among his desi boys and those fly desi girls, he may be da man blinging them rocks in both his ears, driving the ubiquitous 2004 black Honda with spinning rims and bumping 50 cent, but, like the white guy in “Office Space”–does he roll up his windows, lock his door and turn down his music when he sees a thugged out brudda in the car next to him?

It could be part attraction/fascination/fear of blackness secondary to stereotypical media representation; part rebellion from the Old Country ways yaar; and part attempt to belong.  Who knows?


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