The lil bro graduated from the yard this week!  Yup, all these years of suffering and struggling in the coliseum academia came to fruition on the 27th, when he was awarded his Juris Doctorate aka Doctor of Laws!

It was simply spectacular.  Friday morning found me shedding tears in the Newark airport on my way back to the magic city.  A combination of little sleep, multiple flights, keeping company with many people and the heady intoxication of his graduation brought my defenses low.  I wasn’t crying out of sadness but sheer joy.  That rarely happens to me.  So it was good.

Beantown was beautiful the few days that I was there.  Wednesday was maad hot.  JD (aka my brother) picked me up in these mini cooper that he rented from zipcars.  That’s such a cool concept that I wish was here in but I don’t know if it would work in such a spread out city like mine where everybody already has a car and drives?  I think the concept is much better for cities that have people already accustomed to using other transportation than their own (like a subway, T, and El system).  People use the buses and the little trains here but, yeah, they suck.  The train only goes from south (Kendall, Homestead etc) to the Civic Center and that’s it!

Well, headed over the the hotel which was $269 a night!? What, them’s SoBe prices!!  Stayed there the night, then went over to JD’s apt in Cambridge.  Met his roomie LA and his Pops and Auntie.  They some cool folk.  His dad was reedonculous!  Had me in stitches!  Took a walk around the yard w/ the parental unit while the bro got some well-deserved rest.  We hit up Berks where I got some sandals and SM got two pairs of shoes (one of which she decided to take back).  Since the unit was hungry, we headed over to the Legal Sea Foods. It wasn’t bad but for as much as we were paying, it could have been better.  We sat outside b/c SM (Step Mom) doesn’t like the smell of fish but she likes fish.  I don’t know LOL

Then it was basically just chillin’ until later on in the day when I met up w/ a couple of folks from back in the day!  One from high school (15 yrs ago) and one from college (11 yrs ago) DANG!  We went to Tory Row and I had a bacon cheeseburger and Harpoon Cider.  The cheeseburger was fair but the star of the meal had to be the potatoes that accompanied the burger and salad.  The waitstaff sucked though.

Okay, I’m tired.  More later


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