pity party

so i got the congressional fellowship and i decided, spur of the moment, to invite the whole world out tonight.  it was raining pretty hard.  i got there around 620ish.  nobody.  one guy eventually showed up w/ his GF.  totally unexpected.  we hung out for a bit.  i saw this cutie Serbian that i met at a colleague’s party.  he didn’t remember me at first glance.  but i did.  he was there w/ his brother.

so my colleague eventually left and i was hanging w/ serbian and bro.  bro was interested in a black girl but never had the guts to talk to her.  i befriended the black girl and her posse of 3 other ladies.  they were nice.  they danced and had a good time. then at some point one of my attending friends showed up, danced for 2 sec and left b/c she had another party.

so i felt kinda bad b/c 1) only one of my colleagues was able to show up. 2) i didn’t have a built-in BF who could be my hanging buddy.

at first the pity party in my car as i drove home was starting to get crunk but i decided not to let it get to that level.  i decided to see the positives, mainly that SOMEBODY did come, that i met up w/ a guy and now we’ve got each other’s numbers (he’s not into me but he’s nice) and that at least an attending (who had another party to attend) stopped by.

gosh darn it, i’m a big girl but i’m NOT ugly!  and i’m not as big as i used to be or as big as i actually am.  in essence i look smaller than i am.  i looked good tonight.  i danced well, but i didn’t meet anyone who would be interested in me.  oh well.  i guess i have to keep losing weight…

so no pity party for me.  instead i’m going to feel good about myself b/c 1) i actually went to happy hour, by myself, with no promise that other people would show up and 2) i was outgoing, dancing w/ random dudes etc.  i did some good that others would never do!


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