time and place for nothing

there’s a time and place for everything.
and now is the time for nothing
this is the place for nothing

not even blogging.
b/c i don’t have the energy
or the desire to pour out
the trouble in my

i prayed on it
left it at the altar
tears falling
sick of those

told the Lord i just needed
someone to take care of
or some time just
without the ever present
or anxiety about my part
of life

b/c that’s what bugs me
not God’s part
but mine
the part where i got to put
in work

how do you do that
when you’re

frustrated b/c my get up and go,
done gone
and there’s nothing to push myself
the big do has been done
i’m at the mountain top
and all i want to
do is to
sit for a bit

enjoy the wildflowers
feel the yellow sun-bronze all the way
down through me
envelop myself in dawn’s rose hues
of an awakening morning
glow w/ dusky overtones
and lay down under mysterious moons, cast
bright white light
or red

drift between sleep and wake
find myself stretched, taut and
laying long
on velvet grasses
then rolled, slowly, soft like
back into the welcoming arms
of God’s thought-reflection

enchanted by bird songs
delighted by rhythmic overtones of dancing ants
and soaring creatures, lifted on the
waves of wind that crash
against elongated shores of
green, leafy trees

bathed in dew and mist
perfumed by rose petals, lilac blossoms and honeysuckle

no have-tos
no musts
no gottas

no hustlin’




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