Bucket List

1)  Travel to France

2)  See the Pacific and Atlantic oceans

3)  Stay out all night

4)  Visit Cairo, Marrakesh, Buenos Aires, Florence, Mumbai, NYC,  Bangkok, London, Vienna, Dublin,

5)  Learn how to swim

6)  Go to Culinary School

7)  Go to World Cup

8)  Visit a Renaissance Fair

9)  Have a real picnic w/ real wicker basket and all the trimmings

10)  Spend time at Hotel Pupp

11)  Learn how to ride a bicycle

12)  Take a ride on a yacht in the Mediterranean

13)  Go on a hot-air balloon ride

14)  Take an international trip on first class

15)  Go see a show at the Met

16)  Go to a show on Broadway (Lion King Summer 09)

17)  See Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe Perform

18)  See Statue of Liberty, eat real NYC pizza, go to Central Park

19)  Ride the train across the USA

20)  See the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Red Rock

21)  See West Coast — Red Wood Trees/Sequoias

22)  Go to Pyramids

23) See Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, The SeineS

24)  Eat French Pastry, Coq Au Vin (in France)

25)  Go to Ireland – visit various counties

26)  See Stratford-Upon-Avon

27)  Go to Taj Mahal

28)  Go to Great Wall of China

29)  Go to San Francisco

30)  Go to Taste of Chicago

31)  Go to Wine Country in CA

32)  Go to Disneyworld

33) Ride the TGV

34)  Visit All 50 of the US states (NY, MA, PA, NJ, MD, VA, WV, NC, SC, GA, FL, LA, KY, TN, OH, IN, MI, WI, TX, AZ, CA)

35)  Go to a B&B in New England during Autumn

36)  Go to Israel, see where The Lord walked

37)  Visit all 7 Continents (Africa, Europe, N. America, Asia, South America, Australia, Antarctica)

38) Do a Food Blog

39) Grow a garden

40) Go for an English High Tea

41)  Open my own Indian restaurant

42)  Become a medical doctor

43)  Own my own theater and direct one-act plays that don’t normally get viewed (focus on cultural diversity)

44)  Establish a foundation to help married women achieve higher education

45)  Pay off all my loans

46)  Set trust fund for children and grand-children

47)  Have my large house w/ columns, round-about court-yard for cars w/ gazebo, small creek in the back, large kitchen w/ brick oven

48)  Build a beautiful library/study area in the house w/ fish in one of the walls

49)  Own a vacation home in Southern France

50)  Have rooms in my house that I make as museum show-room where I rotate my art-work q3 mo

51)  Sew tons of cushions for friends and family

52)  Eat at Ithaa (undersea restaurant) in the Maldives

53)  Go on a transatlantic cruise

54)  Spend a New Year’s Eve in a different country

55)  Buy a red roadster from the 1930s to drive around

56)  Get a large cottage in Ireland and drive around in my roadster w/ a pretty cloche hat, long red coat, scarf and gloves

57)  See sunflowers in France

58) Collect artwork from various Native American tribes

59)  Go to a Native American Pow-Wow

60)  Buy land in Ghana to build compound

61)  Go back to the violin – take lessons again

62)  Go to Chateau d’If

63)  Go to Tuscany

64)  Go to Algeria

65)  Learn how to ride a horse

66)  Go on a caravan ride across the Sahara



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