heat waves, bbq and romance

the eastern coast of america is experiencing a serious summer.  wave after wave of 90deg weather is hurting folks.  and in nyc where the concept of central air is foreign, all kinds of madness is occurring.

Ordinarily, the 1,300 residents of his shelter, the Community for Creative Nonviolence, must leave the building in the morning, returning at night. But on Friday, like most of the days this month, the city [NYC] declared a “red alert,” permitting residents to stay inside the air-conditioned facility, to prevent heat-related deaths. The city declared nine red alerts in June and 15 so far in July. In 2009, there were two for the same period

Many cities and towns, including New York, Washington and Las Vegas, have set up “cooling centers,” air-conditioned public spaces where people can go to cool off and drink some cold water. Washington has also distributed hundreds of free electric fans to the poor, but had run out of them by mid-July.

Defining heat-related deaths is difficult, and most locations could not provide current numbers, but Maryland officials have blamed the heat for causing the deaths of 16 people so far this year.

In Richmond, Va., where people jump into the James River for relief, two of them drowned during the last month.

Since temperatures began their spiral in June, Washington’s emergency medical services have received 30 percent more calls than usual, many of them related to the heat, said Peter Piringer, a spokesman for the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

Between the extra trips and hotter weather, air-conditioners in the ambulances have been failing, with nearly one in five vehicles out of commission each day.

The stifling heat blanketing the mid-Atlantic this summer seems to be part of a global trend. So far, 2010 is on track to overtake 2005 as the warmest year ever recorded for the planet, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

In Germany, a French fry crisis is looming: the length of fries may decline by nearly half an inch because heat and drought have cut the harvest of larger potatoes, Reuters reported.

But even the endless summer of 2010 cannot compare to the hottest year of all, said Stephen Fybish, a weather historian in New York. In a class by itself, he said, was the Dust Bowl summer of 1936, when 15 states set records for heat that stand to this day.”  — NYT article today

in miami it was maaaad hot in may and june!  WHAT?!  even to the pt where we [one of my neighbors and I] were wondering if the A/Cs on our floor were working!!!  and the car kept not starting.  what’s up w/ that?  i don’t know.

coldstone yesterday.  went to bbq joint that was truly horrible — Jim and Milt’s.  The chicken and ribs were flavorless!  then I brought up to J how horrible it was later on in the day and she  agreed w/ me.  we were lamenting the lack of finding the good place — E & J’s Rolling Rib Shack when boom, I saw it on the side of the road. quick U-y and then we were ordering combo platters.

i got the combo of ribs and chicken.  all that was left was the mac & cheese and baked beans.  J got Rib Eye platter.  she also got us discounts – consummate politician. lol.  i sampled them. most excellent!

you know what i would like?  to have some african american friend’s family invite me over for a get-together where they have ribs; chicken;  mac & cheese; potato, mac salads and cole slaw; baked beans; corn; cornbread; sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie and ice cream.  yummmmy!

tried match.com.  spoke w/ one guy.  german w/ two kids. scuba instructor.  both of his parents are passed.  lives in DR.  so far we’ve been corresponding but it’s fallen off recently.  i dk why.

as my Auntie J said – “Everybody wants some romance” ;^D


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