ain’t nothing divine about anxiety…

it’s weird.  i know God.  He’s come through so many times before. i’ve had anxiety before about plans and such.  this feels like a different anxiety though b/c this time i have no particular plans.  before i always felt like i was working on something — had multiple pots on the stove and any of them could be the one that was chosen to move me forward.  but not now.  this time around, it’s like i don’t have lots of pots.  i don’t even know if i have a stove.
my mind is in a whirl as i consider what my next moves should be.  and the anxiety just seems to build.  the longer and longer i go w/o some definitive answers, i am finding it harder and harder to control it.  i have to spend a lot of time on my knees, just breathing and telling myself “all is well”.
i know that this anxiety is a sin.  it shows a lack of faith in God and his ability to handle my situation.  nonetheless i keep sinning and keep having to tell myself that “all is well” even when i don’t know what to do.  this struggle makes me feel weaker b/c it’s like i’m fighting myself on top of everything else.
the unknown.  the sense of helplessness – of total vulnerability.  i’m crossing unknown territory.  and it’s not as if it’s pleasurable! 

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