The Dreaded Step…

So it’s finally here, studying for Step 3.  It is a drag.  Mostly b/c it involves hours of doing questions, reading text, reviewing material and jotting down notes.  It’s even worse given that it’s the only thing standing between me and work.

Having finished residency I am now faced w/ the task of studying and passing Step 3.  I am not amused.  It wouldn’t be quite so arduous if I had passed the other two steps, the FIRST time around.  The specter of failure hovers about the edges of my mind, upping the anxiety levels.  I am NOT amused.

There are others, I’m sure who have dealt with and will deal with this situation.  I must remind myself – continuously – that God is in control.  The same God who got me through the other times WILL get me through this, I just wish I had someone to “go through it with”, you know.

In a sense though, there kind of is – my friend who is hosting me through this period of stress is also taking classes.  In a way that makes it better b/c we are able to study together.  Thank God for that, right?

As usual, writing about it releases some of the pent-up nervousness and anxiety that inherently comes with large costly exams – this one is $730 – SIGH.

Well, here’s to 2 more hours of studying!  Dear God, please help me be productive!


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