twenty-six cents

I woke up this morning particularly sloggy (sluggish and groggy).  I don’t know why.  I’m here at Portland Brew, listening to my Pandora station of “Converse Mellow Radio by Target”.  It’s nice.  I am tired.  I’m not sure how effective my studying will be today.  I just consumed a large coffee w/ about 2 cups of sugar, a bagel w/ butter and 2 granola bars.  I’m sitting in a comfy chair.  I left my bag o’kleenex at the house.  Always a reflection of fatigue.

The station is playing “Three seed” by Silversun Pickups.

Should I be worried about when the coffee finally kicks in?

The guy two tables away is facing me.  I am sure he is more uncomfortable than I am.  He is also married.  But I didn’t feel like moving the comfortable chair to the other side of the table.  So here we are – coffee house faux pas.  Never face one another.  Always be facing the same direction, able to stare reflectively or absently into the back of the person in front of you.

Last night Ms T and I sampled the delectable delights of Martin’s BBQ out in Nolensville.  The counter guy was cute!  Home-town/small-town guy – brown hair, pretty smile, tall – probably 23 or so?  Cutie.  Got 1/2 rack BBQ (wet), cornbread and baked beans.  Ribs fall off the bone – in fact they’re barely attached 🙂 Good portion size.  Great food!

I am totally playing Mafia Wars right now.  Sigh.



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