#1 – Vampire in love with me.  I’m asked to a dinner/party and I walk in.  He is white.  He looks at me w/ love but also sadness.  He touches my upper arm, squeezes it lovingly.  I am afraid.  I walk into area but then I disappear through a hidden door in another room.  The chase is on.  I run and run.  End up running through a house (VA RN S is there).  I call to her to come – she may be in danger.  I run through field, over road?  End up in house.  Cut my left wrist to pour out blood over large metal restaurant style sink- if I pour out the amount of blood vampire would take from me then it will be equivocal and he will leave me be.  Sink is high – left arm over sink, watching blood pour out.  I look up to see he has appeared and is holding my left arm, distal to cut, looking at me w/ sorrow b/c I was forced to do this.  I wake up.

#2  On crackbook, somehow I enter my name for contest.  There are three of us.  End up winning.  Get to run a tv station.  Have an enemy there who looks like Ward Abbott who is trying to sabotage everything.  At a meeting w/ all producers/team etc.  Am being told about a variety of shows and w/ each one, he speaks about how it didn’t work.  I don’t take notes.  Then all of a sudden I have a billion ideas which I start to write down on a piece of paper for shows that will take the channel to a whole ‘nother level.

#3 (From a few days ago)  Am part of a crack-shot security team to protect an eccentric billionaire  (who looks just like John Malkovich).  Have not been active for quite some time.  Am called together w/ the others for a special mission.  Am watching the collecting of the team (as in a movie).  Partnered w/ Jasmine – tall dark woman, perhaps dreads, Steam Punk style attire in purple.  Walk into hotel where we are tailing someone – then walk into hotel room.  Man appears in all white but his hands are silver.  One of the team who loved Jasmine.  They weren’t able to be together but now they can.  She goes to him and he takes her face and kisses her while she places her hands on his hands.

I walk out.  I go to ATM/printer/fax machine.  Use fancy number skillset to get 15 million out.  Hotel manager type walks by, I play along, covering up what I’m doing.  He walks away.  Then another woman walks by.  I walk away w/ my job done.  My code name is Diamond.  I wear all black – like a tighter man’s suit.  I don’t talk.  Then am in large building – a school, where the boss’ daughter attends.  I am jumping down from one level to another using black socks somehow.  I ask a girl on the upper level to untie the sock and she walks away.  My immediate boss who looks like Gary Sinise is standing to the side w/ long gray trench coat, standing next to a woman in yellow trench (looks like Nightshade from COPS) – he says something snarky like “Guess you’ll have to figure it out yourself”.  He pisses me off on a regular basis w/ his snarky self.


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