Lack of insight leads to Republican controlled House

Yup, lack of insight, impatience and general stupidity.  What makes Americans such turn-coats?  And we complain about Benedict Arnold!  Seriously America, who got us into this economic depression in the FIRST place?  Republicans and their fearless, foolish, short-sighted, overbearing leader, George W. Bush.   When he came into the presidency America was riding the wave of world popularity and an economic surplus.  Within eight years he destroyed them both, leaving our current President Barack Obama with the unenviable task of getting the economy back on track.

Honestly, did Americans not see how strongly Republicans have resisted ANY changes that the current administration has attempted?  And did the Democrats lose ALL their backbone this election season?  Where is the pizzazz, the fire and grit and determination that helped us win?  Didn’t President Obama tell ALL OF US that it would take ALL OF US to handle this wreck we call our economy?  And weren’t we (his supporters) all there with him?  Oh, how quickly we forget!

There is no way one man can rebuild this country, UNLESS, he becomes a tyrant like GW.  And if it’s one thing we know, it’s that President Obama is NOT  a tyrant.  He is however, encumbered by a lack of support and drive from his Democrats and a snarling, hostile Republican party.

Yes, Americans are hurting.  Dude, I’m hurting!  I owe Verizon $1000 in back bills, my credit card bill has gone into bad debt, I owe my last landlady her last month’s rent, my loans are all kinds of horrible and I’m on unemployment!  I had to ask my church for monies to pay for my Step III and I’m staying with a friend (rent and utilities free) while I study for the dratted exam.  My car is leaking unknown fluid from someplace and I have no way how I’m going to get to DC let alone find an apartment that is inexpensive, on the metro and doesn’t require me finding a roommate!

But does that mean that I’m going to up and walk away from the Democratic party and its ideals?  Does it mean I’m going to toss my eggs into the Republican basket?  HELL NO!  Unlike other Americans I understand that the destruction, distrust and deception perpetuated by the Republicans will take time, a desire and singular drive to change our own ways and mutual effort to cure.  Running away from the problem won’t solve the problem!

Damn it America!

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