this is why you’re single

45 y/o white man whom I do not find compatible in any way shape or form;

i’m nice, i told you we aren’t compatible.  you ask why.  it’s b/c you’re older than what i’m looking for and you respond “picky, you’re not all that yourself”.

i wonder what i should do.  i could ignore your idiocy.  i could respond by    saying “this is why you’re single – you’re an idiot”.  seriously though, what is wrong with you?  especially when to be quite blunt, you’re totally unattractive and your profile leaves EVERYTHING to be desired?

do you think that is an adult perspective to take?  yeah, NO.  should i be even more concerned because you are white and i am black and perhaps there is something in my “rejection” of you that makes you feel even LESS of a man?  deep inside your consciousness are you thinking “how can a black woman deny me? me?  a white man?!”

it’s an intriguing thought.   i do know one thing – responding to your idiocy would lead to more of your idiocy.  the last thing i want is to start a spamwar!  it’s the least thing i want.  i just want some simple and adult understanding that no, we aren’t compatible and we should leave it at that.

this is not a battle i wish to engage.  so i shall leave you to The Lord because He knows best how to deal with you!  and believe you me, He will deal…




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