is addictive.  There is one man on a website – 60something white man who messaged me and over the weekend we kept in touch.  His emails were nice to receive – actual conversation occurred!  And I have no desire to date the man so why do I feel bereft when he doesn’t respond?

Perhaps it’s nice to have attention from a different source that has nothing to do w/ anything in my life, esp. since I spend my days studying and–unfortunately–fretting over the upcoming exam and other issues.  I was not happy to see that he didn’t email me more frequently yesterday though he has no compunction to do so – I know.

It’s so nice to have another place to put my attention during this grunt-and-pour time of board studying!  Nothing that would claim all my attention mind you, just a little something fun with which I could while away my time.

So in other news:

Bloated? √

Fatigued?  √

Weird dreams √

Inability to sleep through the night? √

Indecision?  √

Abdominal and pelvic aching?  √

Feet pain?  √

Feeling as if blood being drawn from my feet into my pelvis?  √

Irritability comes in stronger now with my period’s palpable presence!

I’m starting to wonder if I don’t need to go see a doctor!  Even before my period started this month I was feeling very tired.  I have been on the verge of anemia many times before so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s  an underlying factor.  Sigh.  800mg Naproxen – go to work!!!



If there’s any consolation, it’s that I’m playing Christmas music!  “On December 25th sing boom boom boom!”  If you can, check out Starlite Orchestra’s Christmas music?  Total 70s groove baby!  And quite fun!




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