I peruse other blogs and find such interesting pieces.  Then, I come home to my own little piece of the internet and I realize that my thoughts are not as interesting as what I have read.  Should that prompt me to be more creative?  More dynamic in my presentation (well, I do maintain an acute interest in the appearance of the blog) of ideas and cultivating a higher thought process?  Is the lack of substantial matter a reflection of a similar lack within?

This is clearly an untruth.  However, I am much better with the thoughts when in conversation with others.  Discussions have always spurred my mental agility to greater feats of creative dexterity.  Given that there is absolutely no discussion here other than that which I have w/ myself – well, there is then a limitation to what I write.  Perhaps my possessive nature limits me in how much I release, uncertain if another whose eyes glance at my words will take that which is not hers and bandy it about as if it were?  If so, what in the world am I doing with a blog anyway?  Do I forfeit my rights to my words when I share them online?

But who am I kidding?  I’m the only one who reads this blog.  And I’m the only one for whom this blog is being written as a means of diversion at times, at other times a means to spew, to be reflective or creative.  So, I shall continue in this current vein of nomadic thoughts…


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