Dreaming In Series

I have dreamt many times tonight, awaking after each one.  These are the only two that I remember.


With my father and another person in his car (which of course is not his real car) and we are driving around in a city that is called Cleveland but that is not Cleveland.  The skies are cloudy – that light whitish grey that covers the sun but seems to let in enough light to be eerie.  I remember going somewhere – a building, where my father has an errand.  The other girl w/ us and he are talking to a nurse/aide/help or someone.  I think he is holding a shirt – it’s red-goldish in color and appears to be small size.  I am following them around to a room and then from there to another open area where people are waiting to be served.  I don’t know if this is a laundromat or a financial agency (like welfare) or a clinic.  I am standing at the desk, in cold weather gear, my back to the desk, my father and the girl are to my left, facing the desk, talking to someone.  I am looking out over the small collection of individuals awaiting their turn.

Perhaps 5 rows of 6 each?  Pushed up against the right wall is a counter upon which lay stacks of forms, an entranceway is immediately behind and to my right, the doorway that we came through.  The back wall also has a counter w/ forms and an entranceway on the left side (that is to my left) of the wall close to the glass door that has wooden blinds, and letters written on it in gold.  The corner is there though.  On my left wall, again, counter w/ forms.  The light is septic, the people seem to be in colors of greyish black – typical winter’s been here too long colors.

I am self-conscious, my back sort of faced to the counter as my father and the girl talk to whomever.  The conversation is short and as I look around at the faces I see two of them that are looking intently at me.  One is far right, second/third row from the back.  White guy.  Roundish.   The other is seated center left, a row behind or in the same row.  He is also white.  As I walk through the aisle made inbetween one set of chairs and all the others, I am self-consciously thinking that they may know me, almost as if I am aware that I am creating this thought to happen — as if I have control over the course of the actions in the dream.

When I walk out the door, someone rushes out and stops me.  The second guy, with another guy behind him.  He says, hurriedly and almost in a panic, “Uhm, I’m the guy who called you” and I realize that he is a man I met from an internet dating site who called me and he recognized me.  I hug him and tell him that I’ll be back, “Wait, I have to go but I’ll be back”.  He is wearing a black puffy coat w/ some team’s logo on the back.  His hair is short and I think he has facial hair.  He likes me.  I know this. He seems youngish and a bit thuggish as well.

I see myself w/ my hand on his chest, patting him reassuringly that I will be back even as I am scurrying away so as not to miss my ride.  I jump into the car and my father demands “Who is that man?”  I am pleasantly happy to say nothing b/c I do not feel he has a right to know and I revel in my ability to be my own woman.  The girl in the front seat knows, smiles and giggles and I know that she knows that I won’t say anything and I know that she knows who he is and my father, realizing quickly that he won’t get an answer turns his attention to the road.

It was a parking lot, there was a large grey light post to the right of the exit/entrance, on the sidewalk, before you get to the building.  I am aware of grass behind us.  My father says something like “Ready, here we go” or “We’re about to do this” and he bucks the car over the sidewalk, on the other side of the exit, away from the clinic and the light post.  Then he drives diagonally across the empty street (it’s a weird street as if it’s decorated but it’s not) and onto another sidewalk, stating “I hope he gets out of the way” as a beggar reaches out to us and somehow we run right through him.

Then we are at a house and we are picking up my brother and dropping off the girl so she can stay w/ another girl who has also been involved in this car errand process.  We go to another house and I lay down and unwittingly fall asleep, waking up in a panic b/c I think my father has left me in the house and I won’t be able to return to the clinic/building where I told the young man to wait.  I rush out of the room, picking up things as I go along – a hand purse, keys and go to the door only to see my brother and father coming up from the basement where they were picking up some items and my brother sticking out his tongue at me.  He looks very strangely like my father.


I fall back asleep–though I didn’t meant to–after reading my devotional.

I am back in this semi-Cleveland world and I am walking around, doing things.  Only it’s not semi-Cleveland, it’s another kingdom.  At some point I walk with a group of street urchins into what appears to be a station.  The floor angles down into the subway/train area and is grey.  The walls are grey.  The roof is curved down both sides.  There are people moving everywhere and me trying to get these urchins together is like herding cats.  Again the same nondescript lighting – greyish/white.  The flooring has a hexagon shaping.  I corral all the children together and tell them they must be silent about what I am to tell them, that Aravarn (a young, quiet boy in their midst) is to be the next ruler and that  I must take him w/ me far away (at least 42 days journey by horse to the next land and this is even before we get to where Aravarn needs to be) but that before I go I will bless them and tell them what their future holds.  Apparently, I am a healer with amazing powers.

I kneel down and two at a time, the children come to me.  I place both the index finger and the middle finger on the outermost side of their neck (so for the child on my right, I place my fingers on the left side of his neck, right where his neck meets the clavicle.  I say a blessing and then they respond and then I say another blessing and they respond and then I speak to them of their future.  The blessing is in an ancient language that I have never heard before in this world (that is outside of dream-world) but that I am fluent in in that world of my dream.  It is a language spoken during religious ceremonies as well as amongst certain people who speak the ancient tongues.  All the children know the language though.

Then I tell them to go – to run far and hide themselves.   I know that we, Aravarn and I, are in danger and must flee because the ruler of this kingdom doesn’t want Aravarn to live.  In fact there are many who don’t want him to live and that is why he is my protectorate.  It sucks because  I love all these children w/ my heart and don’t want to leave them as I have been protecting them, but now I have to go.  It is time for Aravarn to know his destiny.  Yet even though I go, leaving these children without someone, I know they will be fine b/c of the blessings I gave them and that they will not be harmed by the forces of that kingdom.

Then I arise to see adults coming toward me and I bless each of them.  One couple I remember, an older white couple and the woman is disgruntled and doesn’t really know the call and response and I whisper to her her future – which is that she will fall in love with the man she has always loved but she shakes her head sadly at me, saying under her breath and pointing to her husband’s back as he walks ponderously away “he is my husband”.  I know that what will happen is that he will shape himself up, lose weight and become the man she has always wanted to love so I smile at her disbelief and turn to another.

I bless an Asian man – I think he is Japanese, and he is wearing a black pea coat and when I say the blessing he can not respond b/c he doesn’t speak the language.  He looks at me a bit embarrassed but I bless him anyway.

Then a very tall man and his child (about 4 or 5 y/o) come before me and I bless the child and then have to go on my tippy toes to bless him and somehow I know that he and I, our paths will cross again – and perhaps he is the one destined for me.  He blushes when I say “our paths will cross again” and somehow I know that he has some idea that we are romantically linked.  He is tall, 6ft6/7 at least, wearing a long tan overcoat and striped scarf w/ dark black hair.

He is the last person I bless and I move quickly to the other side of the area, to the opening where there is a gathering of some of the orphans.  It goes all the way to my left – to the back of the station area and to my right is the opening to the street.  In front of me are concrete stairs that go up. I call out Aravarn’s name and he comes.  He is small, brown curly ringlets falling around his face, thin; he is my protectorate.  I know that I will die for him.

I pick him up, hold him in my arms and he puts his hands around my neck.  I am wearing a thick dark burgundy cloak and I believe am dressed as a hunter.  As I bound up the set of concrete stairs I hear behind me “Halt” and I know the pursuit has begun.  There are at least three soldiers standing at the bottom of the stairs.  I turn my head slightly and extending my right hand I said “Caith” meaning “Be still” and they stop, can not move and can’t speak.  I continue running up the stairs until I see a man, standing at the top of another set of stairs and I see before me an open area of forest land.  The top of the stairs has around it, cement like fence – ornate and if you go up the stairs, you could just stand there and look out across the forest which is far to the left and in front and to the left is a large open green field.  There are trees, tall, tall trees that grow around this area and one to my left w/ its branches  hanging over this area and to to my right a few trees like that.

It is dark now and the man is standing to my left – shocked.  I say something to him and he stands astounded as his horse walks up the stairs and slips under me.

For some reason, there is a cow that I was sitting on or something and the cow turns into a person or there is a person there who wants Aravarn and is pulling him by the right leg.  There is a rope tied around his leg and I say to her “Stop!  Untie him” and she doesn’t want to and tries to cut Aravarn’s foot off and I just look at her and the man whose horse has become mine, walks up as if to help me b/c he realizes he must.  The person cuts the cord and Aravarn is free.  I pull him up into my arms, bundle him and grab the reins and we are gone.  I feel the thunder of the hooves under me and I whisper to the horse to “Ride like wind”

I feel the danger in my bones but I am excited and I know that I will protect Aravarn at all costs and that he will become the next Ruler of the kingdom and much more.

(I wish I hadn’t woken up from THAT one!  Sigh)


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