Crackbook Error

Why?  Why did I ever get on crackbook and look at the 4000 some friends of a newly friended friend to find out that about 3789 of those friends are not only married, but happily and with some sort of progeny in tow?

DRAT!  Yup, I said – DRAT!  Dang nabbit!  Normally I am rather sanguine with my  singleness but whoa!  To see so many smiling brown faces (this newly friended friend is Desi and about 3898 of those friends are Desi as well) all married up, well that shook me just a tad.

Oh, and don’t get it twisted, as much as I would like to get married – right now, I would be quite happy with a serious someone whom I cared for deeply.  And yes, I do enjoy my singlehood, probably a lot more than others realize, but every once in a while it is a bit grating on ye-olde nerve/heart combo.

Oh blog, how happy am I that you are here today.  At least I can vent about it to someone, other than God, whom I know already knows how I feel (well b/c He’s God) haha and also because I tell Him about these issues on the regular (yeah, 24/7).

Sigh.  This only gets bad when I’m in the midst of something uncomfortable, such as, oh I don’t know BOARD STUDYING?  Total mock-up so far of the day – listening to the tapes and falling asleep left, right and center. Sigh.  Used up some hours on the crackbook earlier today, which I wouldn’t have had I any idea that my mind would be sloggy (sluggish and groggy) later on – meaning now.


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